Good design examples

25/09/2020 Off By joanna.angel9251

Skate helmet

I think that this skate helmet is a really good design because it has lots of different features that are well-suited to its purpose. For example, there are medium-sized holes on the section that covers your forehead. This means that while you are skating, you can get a nice breeze on your head to help you cool down. Your forehead is usually the place that gets most sweaty so this is a good place for them. They are not so big that they expose your head to potential injuries but yet big enough to get a decent amount of air through. There are also several small holes on the top of the helmet to allow any other sweat to evaporate and heat to escape. This is essential as you can get very hot when skating. The helmet itself is made of hard plastic which will withstand hard impacts. The inner shell is made up of polystyrene to absorb impact and foam grips which come in adjustable thicknesses in order to give a better fit – it would not be good for a loose helmet to keep falling over your eyes when you are trying to see where you are going. The chin straps are also adjustable in length to provide a secure and comfortable fit. You may notice that a skate helmet has fewer and smaller holes than a typical cycling helmet. This is because in environments like skate parks, there can be a lot of sharp corners which could penetrate larger holes and therefore give no protection. Because of this skate helmets protect a larger surface area of your head, coming down in front of the ears and lower down to the base of your head. The squeeze-to-release clasp also provides an easy way to put on and take off the helmet without having to adjust any of the straps.


Tins are another example of really good design, especially the ones that have the ring-pull at the top so you don’t require a tin opener to eat them. They are made of steel which is a very durable material as well as being airtight; meaning the food inside can be kept edible for decades. They can also be recycled an infinite amount of times. Only a thin sheet of steel is required as the ridges on the side of the tin provide extra strength. This rigidness, combined with the interlocking top and base allows the tins to be stacked on top of one another. This is useful for storage and packaging purposes as they are less likely to topple over. Steel also means that the contents of the tins are able to be cooked within them, after they have been sealed. This ensures that the food is guaranteed to be bacteria-free and have a very long shelf life. An even longer shelf life is provided by coating the tins in either a small amount of tin or chromium oxide. This prevents the steal from oxidation and rust, which could let in air and spoil the food before it is ready to be used.

Walking boots

These walking boots also have a lot of useful design features. The most obvious being the deep tread which provides good grip on a variety of surfaces. Above the grippy sole, there is another layer of soft rubber that provides cushioning when walking, allowing the wearer to walk longer distances without getting sore feet. The upper part of the shoe is made from a breathable, yet waterproof material such as Gore-Tex, this means your feet don’t get too sweaty while walking but still prevents water from puddles or dew from getting in. There is a handy tab at the back of the boot to make pulling them on easier. Ease of getting them on and off is also provided by the pairs of lace hooks around the tongue area, this means the wearer can quickly tighten and loosen the laces without having to thread them through the loops like further down. Although these loops are also useful as they stop the entire laces from coming undone every time you take your shoes off. However, if you did want to undo them, there is a plastic tip on the end of the lace to help you thread the lace through. The tip also stops the lace from unweaving. The laces are made from strong polyester which allows them to withstand a lot of tying without them becoming frayed or snapping.