What I learnt this week (7/10/20)

08/10/2020 Off By joanna.angel9251

I have been working with CSS for a number of years previously and therefore there wasn’t much that was new to me apart from a few extra details such as the naming conventions for IDs and classes. These must be descriptive but not detail any of the actual properties the CSS contains e.g. ‘left-align-text’, although descriptive, would not be a good choice as the alignment may change to the centre or the right in future, resulting in this name becoming irrelevant. Although this is common sense, it was not something I had consciously thought about before.

I also found out about the box-sizing property of CSS which makes dealing with margins and padding easier as they would work more logically by not getting bigger than the actual width of the element.

I had also not previously known about CSS resets. I really like the idea of them as for complex websites they are a good way to ensure that across all browsers, the content will display more how the designer intended as the default browser CSS will not be interfering.

I especially liked the Principles of Graphic Design lesson in the afternoon as I have not had any formal training in designing before and it was good practice to start thinking more about the effects of things like contrast, balance, repetition, dominance, unity and proportion.

From the set reading (Chapter 12 of Learning Web Design (5th edition) by Jennifer Niederst Robbins) I also found out about some different CSS units that I was not aware of before including: ex, rem, ch, vw, vh, vmin and vmax.