Examples of good typography

15/10/2020 Off By joanna.angel9251

Star Trek official website

I thought that the official Star Trek website had made good typography choices as the words are easy to read while still giving that futuristic vibe that the show emanates. I like that the subtitles are white text on a black background which contrasts with the main text, helping them to stand out. They are also written in capitals which reflects the formal, authoritative nature of Starfleet Command. Using a sans-serif font was an appropriate choice as serif fonts tend to give off an old-fashioned feel, which would not suit the nature of the programme. While not strictly typography, the rounded edges of the subtitle background and image also contribute to the space-age theme. It’s good that the links in the text are a distinctly different colour from the rest as this makes it clear to the user that they are clickable in order to find out more information about the characters and races.


I also liked the typography used in the druidry.org website. The main body text uses a sans-serif font which makes for easier online reading (if using a low-resolution screen) but also makes it look more as if it could have been handwritten. The headings definitely have a handwritten look to them which suits the topic of the website because Druidism is an ancient spiritual path and its followers would have written everything by hand. The black text on the off-white background is also fitting because it gives the impression that the words are written on parchment as in old times. The text takes up an appropriate percentage of the screen, not going too wide so as to make traversing the lines difficult. The fact that is is left-aligned also helps with readability.


The third website I choose that I thought had good typography was wildfooduk.com. I liked the subtle use of green within the text which relates to nature. The light grey background I thought was apt as it could be seen to be the usual colour of the sky in the UK, especially around mushroom season. I also liked the way that the text was broken up by having the images of each section alternate between left and right alignment. This makes for easier reading as a large chunk of text can be off-putting. The author has chosen a sensible sans-serif font which is quite large, I think this is important as being a website about edible mushrooms, it’s in their interest to make sure the information is not misread as this could lead to serious consequences.