Examples of good colour schemes

21/10/2020 Off By joanna.angel9251

Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie uses a triadic colour scheme for her website. The yellow, cyan and magenta are all equidistant around the colour wheel. The magenta/hot pink colour has been chosen as the dominant colour for the website. I suspect this is for numerous reasons such as it connoting a feeling of sugar and sweetness (as pink is the colour of strawberries, raspberries etc.), and being more contrasting against the white background than either the pale yellow or the light blue.

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust website however, uses an analogous colour scheme. This means that two colours directly next to each other on the colour wheel have been used (green and yellow in this case). This gives a more harmonious and relaxed feel, synonymous with woodlands. I like the fact than an earthy green has been selected as this is a more natural colour than standard green. The yellow, I feel is useful for highlighting important parts of the website such as how to become a member, which I assume is where they source most of their income. Green is the dominant colour on this website, which is not surprising as it is about trees, however I like the fact that different shades have been chosen to separate the different sections such as the navigation bar and the title banner. It was a good choice to put the darker green at the bottom I think because then it is like a real forest with the darker forest floor at the bottom. It also helps the navigation links to stand out, as these are more important than the logo as they enable their users to find the information they want around the site.


For my third website, I chose one which had a monochromatic colour scheme, the Yu-Gi-Oh! website. I think this is a necessary decision because there is a lot going on on this page and each section uses a lot of colour. To have a background colour in addition to this I feel would clash too much and the page would look too busy. I think they need to give more thought to their typography as the body text seems quite small and cramped. I think the grey-scale theme colours work well though as it creates a harsh steel effect which fits with Yu-Gi-Oh!’s duelling nature.